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For magicians and mentalists

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In French

The Multiple Paths

An entire system allowing you to create your own prediction routines. But also to improve your tricks of this kind in order to make them as pure and bluffing as possible.

Peter Turner, Phedon Bilek, Gabriel Werlen, Fraser Parker, Stéphane Mansiet and many others have taken and loved the multiple paths of Taha Mansour! Will you join them? Click HERE .



Imagine an effect where you guide a viewer to influence the audience.

Not only does he succeed in making the public think of a precise drawing, but he quickly realizes that it was in fact him who was being influenced from the start!

A devastating end-of-show effect that your audience will remember for a long time. Click HERE .

In English


Consulting mentalisme

Mentalism consulting

Are you writing a magic show and want a good staging ?
Are you working on a particular effect and you need efficient and intelligent methods that will be adapted to your situation?
Are you looking for a critical outside view to challenge yourself and improve the effects you develop and your presence?

With her varied knowledge of the entertainment world (singing, theatrical improvisation and musical comedy), her creativity and her knowledge in psychology and soft skills, and her capacity for engineering analysis, Taha Mansour will allow you to improve your performance, your staging and creating effects in the way that suits you best.

So if you are looking for that little extra tip, that important element that will make you memorable and striking in the eyes of your audience, and your clients, do not hesitate to make an appointment with Taha Mansour.


- Ashley Green, Mentalist and Entrepreneur

" No one else thinks like him . His skills outside of magic in psychology, negotiation and other soft skills come into play in his consulting sessions. Taha Mansour really takes the time to listen and understand your problem [. ..] his knowledge, his creativity and his patience make him a consultant that I would recommend to any mentalist ! "


- David Elka, Magician

"Taha accompanied me at key moments in the conception of my show in the theater. He is uncommonly benevolent , REALLY listens and without judging, and ALWAYS has creative ideas . His advice has helped me both for the magic technique, the staging, and the substance of the subject (play and character). My show would clearly not be the same without your contribution, thank you Taha! "

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